Hello and welcome to my concert photography website! My name is Joe Prostredny and I am a concert photographer based in Annapolis, Maryland in the U.S.A. My concert photography career began in late 2102 when I decided to combine my lifelong love of all things photography with my lifelong love of music. I began working professionally in 2013 when I partnered with Burst Magazine and Afternoiz (Globalnoiz) where most of my work has been featured. My work has also been featured on other sites such as Metalfan.nl and Sonic Cathedral. The majority of my time is spent shooting and reviewing live concerts and interviewing bands. I photograph mostly rock and metal shows, but I also shoot other genres including country and pop music. I travel extensively throughout the United States and visit Europe once or twice a year to cover musical events. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my photography. I hope you enjoy my site!